Droning Wild Scotland


Road trip the highlands, drone in tow.

Ethereal deer-filled forests, hillsides peppered with historical castles, Harry Potter movie locations and grass that’s green on every side. Scotland is a dronie’s paradise.


Eilean Donan

A location that’s surely already on your list, Eilean Donan is the classic Scottish castle site. Arrive before 8am and have the place to yourself. If it’s a clear day? (Goooood luck finding one of those, mate.) Get there for sunrise.



Glenfinnian Viaduct

If you’ve ever dreamed of running away from home and heading for Hogwarts, you’ll know this fantastical destination. Arrive before 10.30am to capture footage of the magnificent Jacobite train coasting past the loch and through the highlands.



Fondly regarded as ‘The Jewel of the Highlands’, wee little Plockton does not disappoint. The coastal town is resplendent with its lush forests, sapphire blue waters and hidden historic ruins.


Glen Nevis

Home to the tallest mountain in the UK, the glen is where you’ll get the most classically Scottish nature shots. Waterfalls, rivers and munros abound in this quietly energetic valley. 


Loch Loyne Wind Farm

Pull over, stretch your legs at this picturesque spot, and send your gadget to the skies. Capturing dozens of wind turbines moving in harmony is an unexpected treat.


94% of Scotland is considered rural. So get a good car!

While your drone might go far on its own, you may not. Soz. So find yourself a sweet ride. Whether you’re after a practical 4WD or perhaps a spiffy sedan is more your style, Avis will hook you up.

I got my Mercedes from these guys and I could not have been happier. On my highland travels I covered about 900 miles (unfortunately not 500 miles, Proclaimers style) and during the long journey, comfort and practicality were a priority.

Thankfully, my Avis beast was perfect for that. The car had an intuitive interface for GPS and music, a roomy boot for all my equipment and the sleekest reclining seats. Even the window wipers automatically flung into gear when it detected a drizzle. When you get to the beautifully damp Scotland you’ll understand just how wondrous a feature this really is…

…Scotland is by no means a dry country, so:

When there’s a break in the rainfall, it’s go time. Take to the skies STAT.

Be wary of drone rules at each site.

Sites like Eilean and Glenfinnian only allow flights outside of standard business hours and with the property owner’s permission. So just be alert and respectful, and you’ll be more than fine.


To thank you for making it this far through my dribble, I’ve included a spicy treat, right at the end. Y’know, like in the closing credits of a Marvel film.  

The superheroes at Avis are gearing up for their End of Season sale. If you book in before 29th September 2017 you can save 25% on the cost of your rental ride. Just ensure your pick-up is before 14th December 2017 to claim this offer.

So get your butt into gear and ready yourself for the road trip of a lifetime. Book here!

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    Lynne Nieman
    November 12, 2017 at 7:17 am

    Love these shots! And great tips here as well. I would love to get a drone eventually. I’m a photographer and fascinated by this technology. I used to shoot on film — yes, I’m that old! Haha!

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    Karen Ching
    May 24, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    These shots look beyond amazing! This makes me want to have a drone right away. I can just imagine how beautiful the my shots would be, that is if I get my way around using the drone AHHAHAHAHAHAH. Anyways, thanks for sharing these photos. Love them all. Cheers to you!

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    May 8, 2019 at 7:14 am


    Great shots! I did not imagine that Scotland is so beautiful when photographed by a drone. In french, we say “je suis sous le charme”.

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    Best Drones
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    Thanks for sharing,

    it’s very informative for me.

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