13 Travel Bloggers of Colour


The diverse faces telling their stories in white spaces.

A tribute to the diverse storytelling women and nonbinary people who happen to travel the world.

For locals…

Jewels Rhode @ Travel Jewels

Jewels seeks out the stories of other culturally diverse people when she travels. Check out her interview with a local South African photographer and her guides to being culturally respectful in Bali.

For photography…

Trishita Bhattacharya @ Overrated Outcast

Indian creative Trishita has an eye for aesthetics and a heart for adventure, it’s no surprise she found her calling in travel blogging.

For faith…

Atikah Amalina @ The Tudung Traveller

Atikah is a young Muslim woman who devotes her travel blog to empowering women and shattering stereotypes about mental illness. Have a read of her Huffington Post featured piece “7 Lessons I’ve Learnt Traveling Solo As A Hijabi”.

For destination guides…

Aileen Adalid @ I Am Aileen

Starting from square one? Aileen’s travel site has plenty of inspiration and detailed itineraries for your upcoming odyssey.

For cultural insight…

Jakiya Brown @ The Traveling Fro

Jakiya gets down to the nitty gritty on The Traveling Fro. Check out her posts on a global packing list and how to make friends as a solo female traveller.


 For fashion…

Cynthia Andrew @ Simply Cyn

Cameroonian-American blogger and lawyer Cyn travels NYC and beyond looking like a damn dream. I can barely put a look together out of my home wardrobe (let alone a suitcase!) so Simply Cyn is a constant source of “You’ve got this” when packing.

For storytelling…

Trisha Velarmino @ P.S. I’m On My Way

Trisha frames her travels with her proud and distinct Filipino perspective, writing about travelling the world when your parents ge don’t want you to, reverse culture shock and why #YOLO is overrated. She also has an empowering “Dear Girls of the World” series which involves various travel bloggers debunking travel myths for female travellers through their own experiences.um

For feminism…

Bani Amor @ Everywhere All The Time

Bani Amor is badASS. The queer Ecuadorian writer unpacks major travel issues through sharp feminist argument and captivating narratives. Bani’s blog is refreshing as it looks beyond the pretty pictures and endless destination listicles. Their piece “The link between tourism and settler colonialism in Hawai’i” set me off on a wild writing spree, prompting me to explore my own experiences as a culturally diverse woman abroad.

For hiking…

Victoria Alicia @ A Traveling Translator

Being a fellow hiker, I was quickly drawn to Victoria’s work. But it’s through her unique voice as a translator, an immigrant and a sufferer of chronic illness that she really opens up the conversation and allows readers to explore an entirely different take on travel. Her piece “I’m a Latina who hikes” says a lot about the surprising social privilege of being able to hike.

For yoga…

Jeny Rajkumari @ Jen Goes Places

Indian-born Jeny gives a glimpse into travelling throughout her multifaceted homeland. Her blog also features an in-depth wellness section that explores her love of yoga.

For travel lists…

Sonal @ Drifter Planet

If you like visual, easy to follow snapshot guides to cities, Sonal is your go-to.

For activism…

Oneika Raymond @ Oneika The Traveller

Oneika’s blog has all the elements of a travel blog, except with more opinion pieces. Her posts weave immersive travel storytelling with social conscience and reality checks, coz let’s face it, getting paid to travel the world is bonkers and isn’t always entirely relatable. Oneika’s post “Stop pretending everyone can travel” provides a sharp take on travel privilege.

For food…

 Welile Vilane @ Welile

Swazilander Welile knows the meaning of life. Regular travels, spicy food and coooold tequila. Before you get into her detailed stories and colourful photography, ensure you don’t have an empty stomach or any flight booking tabs open. Temptation awaits, earnest traveller.

Are there any bloggers I’ve missed? Leave me a comment.

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    I always want to try travel blogging! I envy these females. Thanks for sharing awesome pictures!

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    Wow cool pictures. I’m also a travel blogger and it is really fun working while traveling right? Keep it up! Cheers!

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    Wow! these independent women really inspire me to jump into travel blogging.


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    Hey Luna
    what’s up? you have great experiences with travelling. Thanks for sharing good memories of your personal life. Actually, you make me fell thistry for travel.

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    Beauties captured in one blog

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