The beast is loose! Welcome to Lost by Luna.


Welcome to Luna.

So here you are. This is Lost by Luna, it’s a site where I talk travel, lifestyle and popular culture, but it is pretty much just me. So why not use as my domain name?

Firstly, a Romanian dance troupe robbed the URL from me. They robbed me blind. Also, creating a site in my name would just render it as a default portal of work to link to potential employers. At least for me it would. And anyone who reads this will see I’m borderline unemployable, so no point pandering to the fat cats.

The “lost” part of Luna is me acknowledging that this is my first, most public attempt at self-publication. Do I know what I’m doing? No. Do I care if I get absolutely lashed? Nope. Am I excited to learn how to blog? YES!

While I’ve been publishing my writing for a few years now, it has mostly been for others. The editors at work, the tutors marking my university assignments, the recipient of seven of my parking fine appeals, the chairman of the ‘Zodiac Killer: Unearthed’ mystery meet.

Luna is my white flag. I’m accepting that my writing may not be where I’d like it to be, but sicking up some words right now is better than not writing at all. It’s also the only alternative to sitting around, growing haggard, while I pray I turn into Nora Ephron.

The following words of writer George Saunders have always resonated with me: “You go up the mountain of your idol, but when you get to the top, you realise they’re already there, and that mountain is never going to belong to you.

“So, you go do your own thing and it’s more of a shit-pile than a mountain at first, but it’s yours. It’s your shit pile. And that’s not nothing.”

So here is Luna, my pile of shit. I hope you like it.

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